Planning a memorable and flavorful vegan Thanksgiving feast? Look no further! From delectable sides to hearty mains and mouthwatering stuffing, we’ve got you covered with an array of plant-based delights that will elevate your holiday table. Whether you’re hosting vegans, omnivores, or anyone in between, these recipes are guaranteed to impress every palate.

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Vegan Thanksgiving Appetizers & Sides

We’re all for keeping appetizers & sides simple to give you the time to work on your main dish and enjoy your party! That’s why we’ve created these convenient OMNI appetizers, which can be cooked directly from frozen and can be ready in a matter of minutes.

OMNI Crab Cakes are sweet and savory plant-based patties that give you a little taste of the sea. Ready to serve in as little as 5 minutes, OMNI Crab Cakes can be cooked in a variety of ways including pan-frying, deep-frying, air-frying, baking, delivering a flaky texture. Take some vegan mayo, mustard, onion, pickles & herbs and you’ve got a vegan remoulade to pair with them.

OMNI Crab Cakes 3 ways, air-frying, pan-frying, baking

Looking to impress your guests with something different? Serve up a plant-based Asian appetizer platter with OMNI Spring Rolls, Potstickers, and bao buns full of authentic Asian flavors. Our new, award-winning OMNI Bao Buns (available in Plant-based Teriyaki or Korean BBQ flavors) make for a delightful holiday treat and can simply be steamed or microwaved. Check out our guide to vegan bao buns.

OMNI Bao Bun cut in half

Vegan Thanksgiving Mains

Did you know? OMNI can be easily substituted into any recipe that calls for animal meat in a 1:1 ratio. Try out our top picks below. 

This chili is packed with beans, OMNI Ground, pumpkin, and all your favorite spices. You’ve got a simple crowd pleaser on your hands in under an hour.

Find the recipe here.

Hearty Pumpkin Chili Recipe

This Maple OMNI Pork Hasselback Butternut Squash makes for a great main or side. Best of all, the oven does the heavy lifting – you won’t believe how easy this is! 

Find the recipe here.

Maple OMNI Pork Strips Hasselback

No need to miss out on a ‘meaty’ holiday roast being a vegan! This epic vegan pork tenderloin is made with OMNI Ground and features a sweet & smoky glaze made with cranberry juice, soy sauce, maple syrup and liquid smoke. Intrigued? Try it out!

Find the recipe here.

Plant-based OMNI Meat Loaf
Credit: Lauren Toyota

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