New to our page and not sure where to start? Whether you’re a looking to start a healthier-diet for the new year,  thinking about incorporating more plant-based foods into your diet, or long-time vegan, snacking and finding plant-forwardalternatives that hit the spot can be quite the challenge. Here’s a deep dive on one of our customer-favourites: the beloved classic OMNI Pork Luncheon – deliciously savory, with a hint of sweetness & a slightly smoky flavor, it’s perfect for when hunger calls. 

OMNI Luncheon in a breakfast sandwich

What is OMNI Pork Luncheon?

OMNI Pork Luncheon is an award-winning, healthier plant-based alternative to luncheon meat or canned ham. As a perfect one-to-one substitute, you can swap out processed meats (which have been linked to increased risks for health complications) and enjoy  healthier–but still drool-worthy– meals.

OMNI Luncheon is part of our plant-based OMNI Pork series. Why plant-based pork? Little known fact, it’s actually the most widely consumed red meat in Asia. As a brand that started in Hong Kong, where pork is a foundation ingredient in everyday cooking for most households, OMNI was created to help people make a switch without having to give up their favourite foods.

What is OMNI Luncheon made of?

OMNI Luncheon is made from certified non-GMO soy (yes, the product is certified non-GMO!), wheat and beets (which gives its natural red colour). It is high in protein (5g per slice) and does not contain any carcinogenic nitrates, hormones, antibiotics, or MSG.

What can you make with OMNI Luncheon?

You can enjoy OMNI Luncheon simply on its own, with a bowl of noodles, in fried rice, in sandwhiches, on pizza, or one of the most popular ways – in a musubi (find our musubi recipe here). This snack may be simple, but it has a rich cultural history in Asian and Asian-American cuisine. Luncheon meat became a staple in those communities post World War II, and was mixed together with traditional Asian elements like rice to create new foods like luncheon meat musubi, and luncheon meat fried rice.

Pan-fried OMNI Luncheon, crips and golden brown

How to cook OMNI Luncheon?

OMNI Luncheon comes frozen and ready to cook. To prepare, simply pan-fry the Luncheon on both sides for a total of 5-6 minutes, flipping back and forth until the exterior is crisp and golden brown.

 The secret behind the sizzle? – when OMNI Luncheon is cooked, the canola oil inside (which has a high smoke point than other plant oils) melts and does two magical things: 1) gives a juicer feel, and 2) helps to perfectly brown the Luncheon. And yes, that means that you do NOT need to oil the pan before cooking!

Where can you buy OMNI Luncheon?

OMNI Luncheon is available in the freezer aisles of over 2000 Walmart stores nationwide! You can also find us at your local Sprouts, Giant, Albertsons and more! Find a location near you here.

Where else can I try OMNI Luncheon?

You may have already tried OMNI Luncheon at one of the many spots serving it across the country! Check out some of our favourite AAPI-owned spots serving OMNI Luncheon below.

1. Kabisera 

New York City, NY

Grab a delicious musubi made with OMNI Luncheon and coconut rice for breakfast at Kabisera NYC in the Canal Street Market in New York. It pairs perfectly with an iced oat milk coffee, also from Canal Street Market! You may even meet Chef Augee, the chef owner of Kabisera (which is tagalog for ‘head of the dining table’) and discover more about the influence of Pinoy flavours on her menu.

Kabisera Chef Augee holding plant-based OMNI Musubi
Chef Reina


San Francisco, CA

Chef Reina, powerhouse behind this beloved Bay Area spot is a proud Filipina born and raised on the Philippine island of Negros. Her mission to create plant-based versions of authentic Filipino cuisine led her to OMNI, which is now led in a musubi, as well as in a luncheon meat silog.


Los Angeles, CA

Partners and chefs Candice Tzeng and Phil Kwan bring a diverse cultural background that ranges from Taiwan and Japan, to Hong Kong and Malaysia. Catch them at Smorgasborg every Sunday for an OMNI musubi!

Holding a stack of OMNI Luncheon Vegan Musubi

Check out the rest of our delicious range here!

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