It’s everyone’s favorite spicy, savory handheld snack. That’s right, October 4th is National Taco Day! 

The holiday was first invented by Roberto L. Gomez, a San Antonio, Texas city councilman, who established The National Taco Council in 1964 (they even sent a 55-pound taco to President Johnson in 1967). National Taco Day has only continued to grow since, and now even vegans can celebrate! 

Whether you’re eating out or making vegan tacos at home, here’s how you can enjoy this delicious, Mexican dish with OMNI. 

We’re rolling out the freebies!

Vegan fast-casual chain, Veggie Grill, has relaunched their Baja Fish menu items with OMNI’s award-winning, plant-based Golden Fillet. The Baja Fish offerings (tacos, burritos and bowls) are topped with a jalapeno slaw, cilantro, and pico de gallo. 





To celebrate National Taco Day, we’ve teamed up to offer you BOGO (Buy One Get One FREE) on the Baja Fish Tacos at every Veggie Grill outlet across California, Oregon, Washington, and Massachusetts! Bring a friend to any of the 17 Veggie Grill locations here on October 4!

Woman holding two vegan fish tacos featuring OMNI Golden Fillet


Staying home? Here are some fan-favourite vegan taco recipes  #OmniNomNom

“These were so good! My family still requests them” – @madison_vegan.eats

Find the recipe here.

2. OMNI Strips Street Tacos

‘’Easy-peasy spread for your fam and friends! OmniFoods plant-based pork is just as filling and delicious to dig into, but without the cholesterol and trans fat of animal pork.’’ – @lisamyaf

Find the recipe here.

Plant-based fish means you never have to worry about mercury, microplastics, or PCBs. What you’re getting instead: protein, fiber, and ALA Omega-3s! 

Find the recipe here.

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